06 June 2006

What's a "good Christian"?

I believe I've talked about this before, but at 25 years old, I'm starting to become senile and talk about the same things over and over again. Actually, I was hanging out with some folks earlier and got to thinking about this again after hearing someone talk about some girl who claims to be a good Christian while basically denying a lot of her sins. What strikes me is how someone could really be a good Christian? Think about it... the reason for following Christ is that we turn to him for redemption from our sins. And for that reason, confession of sins is at the core of being a Christian. What it comes down to is that on the outside there is often little difference between Christians and non-Christians (barring the expemplary examples of certain saints and church leaders), but since others' deeds are what we observe, that's how we end up judging people in our minds. Yet the only thing that counts is our heart -- that when we confess our sins, we sincerely desire not to sin again. Of course, that's the kind of stuff only God can see while he forgets the juicy stuff; we only see (and remember) the juicy stuff while usually having little idea about where others truly stand before God.


Sean said...

I believe a good christian is a catholic that tries to be faithful to the church's teaching.

What is a good Jew? or What was a good Jew before Christ?

Someone who tried to fulfill their covenant obligations.

That's what any christian should do. If they aren't trying to fulfill the covenantal obligations (which includes following church teaching) then I would say they aren't being as good a christian as possible but they are still a christian by baptism.

Baptism is an objective entrance into the covenant. What we do after that with the covenant obligations is either good or bad. So, then we appear either to be good or bad in relation to the covenant.

Im probably repeating myself. I'm leaving.

Jason Ramage said...

Well, I wouldn't count being Catholic as a condition for being a good Christian. My grandfather is probably one of the best Christians I know. He cusses like a sailor, is active in the Freemasons, and doesn't attend church regularly, which most of my friends probably consider damning sins. But he's always respected his wife (even before they met since never had sex outside of marriage) and is the type of person who would do the right thing when others aren't looking.

Maybe a good way of summarizing what I consider a good Christian is someone whose way of living is primarily motivated by obedience to God rather than obedience to what other people think about them. And it can be pretty darn difficult to tell the difference.