14 May 2006


One of my favorite devotional-type things to do is just getting away from life to be in nature while actively listening to God for two or three hours, if not a whole day. We used to do this at InterVarsity chapter camp every year by spending three hours in total silence and I always found it to be some of the most productive time as far as my walk with God. We just never sit and listen... I often have trouble even thinking to pray, and when I'm praying, I'm not really listening. And if I try to listen, there's always a song running through my head, like "Welcome to the Jungle." It seems to take between an hour or two of just sitting and trying to listen before all those thoughts, worries, and whatever else is cluttering the mind are finally cleared to where God can just speak, when the thoughts entering your mind are from God and not from the distractions from the rest of your life.

So last Friday I spent the day at Mount St. Francis, attended Mass at 11:45, just chilled out by the lake and did some reading in the hermitage, which is basically a little cabin that's just about as nice as my own apartment (not exactly roughin' it at all). I didn't eat much and, in fact, I could have fasted from food completely seeing as it was only 24 hours and my only physical activity was walking around the place. I slept there in the cabin and drove home the next morning. The only bummer was that it rained all day Friday, so I couldn't explore the trails around the Mount like I hoped to, but I'll just go up there sometime during the day and do some hiking.

Anyway, basically all I want to say is that silence is awesome :) It's difficult, but once you get in that "zone," it's definitely worth the time it takes to get there.

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