11 March 2006

Countdown to Easter Vigil... party time!

I found this thing called ClockLink.com where you can set up different kinds of clocks or countdown thingies for your blog or web site, so I threw this little countdown to Easter Vigil on here. At the time of this writing, in 34 days, 21 hours, 6 minutes, and 2 seconds I'll become a bone-a-fide Catlick... and not surprisingly, that means throwing a party and drinkin' some beer! Of course, this is my cousin's idea, and while I was a little uneasy about having all my Catholic relatives in town for this thing while my parents (who are Lutheran) are just like, "whatever," I've never been one to turn down a party.

And after Easter Vigil and the hangover passes (just kidding... I had enough hangovers back in my college days), I'll have to think of something else to count down to.

But there's no time to think about that right now... I just got a call from a good friend from high school and he happens to be in town tonight, so we're rollin' out to 4th Street Live. (like a good Catholic would!)

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