04 May 2008

Messin' round

Been messin' round with the old blog, thinking about getting back into the habit of blogging on some kind of regular basis. For now, I just wanted to get my feet wet foolin' around with some photo editing on this MacBook I purchased from Apple's refurb store back in March. I got some cool stickers on the back to help my plain white Mac stand out from the other Macs with the cool kids down at the coffee shop. No problems with bullying so far.

Pixelmator convinced me to pay them some money. I'm sure they deserve it, but I'm sure feeling broke these days. I've only driven to work two days in each of the last two weeks. That trend looks to be more like five days a week, what with gas prices and all.

Hence, I get to be really cool with my new goatee strollin' into the coffee shop around 7:30am on my way to the bus stop. Okay, half the time I'm running like a goofball to cross a busy street at 8:02 before the bus pulls up at 8:03. I don't look so cool then.

I guess all this should somehow tie into Franciscanism. Hmm... that's gonna be a stretch. Francis definitely did not hang out at coffee shops... not post-conversion, anyway. G.K. Chesterton? I think he would.

Which is an interesting place to arrive and quit my rambling for now. Seems I love the Franciscan ideal of poverty, forsaking every material comfort and possession for the love of God. Yet I also have some Chesterton in my veins that longs to enjoy cool evenings on the front porch sippin' a dark homebrew and puffin' a pipe. Or sippin' a cappuccino with the cool coffee shop kids while an indie acoustic song enlightens our eardrums.

I like to think that an Incarnate God affirms both ways of finding Him. Long as we trust God and recognize His Goodness is all good things, maybe the only real sin is sippin' Pabst Blue Ribbon while puffin' a Swisher Sweet.