16 July 2006

One Difference Between Catholics and Protestants

(This one is not a serious post, by the way.)

Dating the Church: Among Protestants, this refers to the practice of someone who never makes a commitment to join a particular congregation, either because they attend two or three churches at the same time or they go to one church for a year or so before moving on.

However, among Catholics this refers to a man discerning for the priesthood. Should he go on to the priesthood, we might even say he is exclusively dating the Church. And just like in a real marriage, once he makes his vows he'll be broke until the day he dies; unlike real marriage, he'll be getting exactly as much sex as he's expecting.

ba-doom ching... aaand that's all I got for now.

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Paul Stokell said...

In the same vein, you can always tell the difference by the computer they use. Umberto Eco said so himself back in '94: