14 April 2006

God or the Girl

I've been seeing this show promoted on a couple of Catholic web sites and it looks pretty interesting. It's a documentary/reality show that walks with four guys as they discern their vocation to either marriage or the priesthood. I believe in the end two of them choose priesthood and two choose marriage (gotta keep things neatly symmetrical like that). At least one of the guys has a girlfriend, which must complicate matters a little :) I've heard good things about the show, so hopefully the much-needed positive publicity will encourage more men and women to consider the religious life. We think it's bad in the U.S. with one priest for every 800-1,200 Catholics, but in the Phillippines there is only one priest for every 13,000 Catholics! Even with deacons assisting with some responsibilities, that's gotta be rough. I think things are slowly starting to turn for the better... I don't know anybody personally who is in formation for the priesthood, but at least four friends of mine have friends who are. A few married Catholics I know considered the priesthood, which I used to think was pretty crazy, before I realized most priests are just down-to-earth regular guys who just happened to be called to a different vocation that most of us. Hopefully this show will illustrate that everybody has a vocation that we're all responsible for discerning through prayer, Scripture, serving others, and listening to God. It premieres Easter Sunday on A&E at 9PM. Since I don't have cable, I guess I won't be watching it. Maybe it'll be out on Netflix...

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Christos Anesti!