28 February 2006

Pickin' My Belly-Button Lent

You know how every once in a while you notice that there's a little lint building up in your belly-button? You gotta pick that stuff outta there to ward off building a little Lint Monster growing inside you. So if you don't get where I'm going with this yet... so it is with the season of Lent when we can pick out the lint of our souls.

Seems like as Lent approaches, I start thinking about what I might what to sacrifice and what positive thing I might want to do... and my mind goes blank. And a few days later, after I've got a short list of only ten or twelve things I'm either not doing or doing, it occurs to me that trying to do everything will mean accomplishing nothing. (There's ya Soundbite of the Week, brought to you by CCAA: Cows for Catholics Across America, encouraging all Catholics to avoid red meat on Fridays during Lent and reminding them that we may continue to do the same every Friday throughout the year.)

So... I've settled upon fasting from coffee throughout Lent and from lunch or dinner for one day a week. And I just decided to throw in frivolous message board use, which tends to waste a lot of time that could be far more productive. That one probably won't be as hard as giving up coffee or fasting from food because I'll easily find other crap to do. Like blogging!

And for something positive to do, I'm committing to daily prayer and Scripture reading and making a conscious effort spend time with some family and friends that I feel like has been neglected recently. Hopefully, every time I think about wanting coffee or food on whatever day during the week I choose to fast, I'll remember to take time out for the positive stuff.

I'm also curious to see if I get a wicked-crazy caffeine buzz on the Monday after Easter. :)